New York Muslim Monitoring Unit Disband

NYPD New York Police disperse or covert program designed to monitor Muslim and identify potential terrorist threats .

Previous Demographics Unit sent plainclothes detectives to listen to the conversation and make documents in places frequented by Muslims , U.S. media said .

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The army has been the subject of two federal lawsuits in the past and sparked outrage from civil rights groups .

It is also reported to make Muslims no longer trust law enforcement officials .

" This reform is a critical step to defuse tensions between police and the communities they serve , so that the police and citizens we can help each other pursue criminals , " said Mayor Bill de Blasio New York in a written statement .

psychological tension
The decision to terminate the program reported as Police Commissioner William Bratton ‘s decision and is seen as a move to distance itself from intelligence gathering practices after the Sept. 11 attacks .

Units which have been in operation since 2003 and was later named the Zone Control Unit noted where Muslims work , shop , eat and pray .

" Demographics Unit create psychological tensions in our community , " said Linda Sarsour of the Arab American Association of New York told the New York Times .


Freeport Compulsory divestment of 30% shares

JAKARTA - The government insisted that Freeport divest its stake of at least 30 per cent despite the mining company has not declared for the obligations of the agreement . The reason , the state should benefit from mining .

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Siswoutomo Susilo said countries should benefit most from the mining business in Indonesia . Therefore , the government asks Freeport to divest 30 percent of its shares .

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" The important thing is that the state should be a big part , but the company also keeps going because it’s the state revenue for development , " said Susilo quoted from page Setkab , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

He stated this American company has not received the government’s request . However , he stated the signs began to appear toward agreement . ” Negotiations are still running . But the direction is getting better , ” he said .

Government requires Freeport to divest 30 percent of its shares . This value is lower than the rules of law previously set at 51 percent . The reason , its mining area in the soil or underground .


Consider government Clear Customs Import Component Mobile

The government is considering a local mobile phone manufacturers complied , removing the import duty component . It was an attempt to encourage the development of local industry .

" During his cellphone made ​​in the country , I think it does a reasonable proposal , " said Deputy Finance Minister , Bambang Brodjonegoro , in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry , Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

Bambang added that the components can be produced in the country and meet the needs of mobile phone industry does not need to be freed of import duties . However , he agreed with the same components simply can not be produced locally , should be zero percent import duty .

Mobile Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesia ( APSI ) , Lee Kang Hyun , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , assessing the government’s plan to charge sales tax on luxury goods ( GOODS) the whole phone is inverted logic .

Instead of encouraging the growth of local industry , if this discourse is approved , what happens is the local industry lost competitiveness compared to foreign products . That is because the local manufacturers still import all the components of the mobile phone , with 5-15 percent duty .

There are at least 300 components that must be assembled to make a cell phone . Unfortunately , the component industry in Indonesia was recognized Lee not encouraging .

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Head of Technology APSI , Usun Pringgo Dogdo added , APSI advising the government how to build the local phone industry . One is to remove the import duty mobile components .


Not groundless, There’s Investors Borong The Apartment Building!

Not groundless , if it turns out apartments in Jakarta held by the investor . More than that , the apartment even more and become commodities are bought and sold with tempting offer of investment gains .

Bellezza apartment in Permata Hijau , for example . Developed residential tall gate Prima Group ‘s average growth rates of 25 percent per year . Likewise with the apartments Thamrin Residence , Kalibata City , Lavande , and a Mediterranean Garden Residence .

Unless Bellezza , the initial price of the apartments are very competitive , which is in the range of USD 300 million per unit . Currently the price has reached the level reached Rp 600 million to Rp 1.5 billion per unit , while the actual price of the apartment is in a position Bellezza Rp 35 million to Rp 40 million per square meter .

Associate Director of Research at Colliers International Indonesia , Ferry Salanto , say , the conditions that are spurring investors controlled apartment market . High buying interest , a lot of projects , and growth rates also skyrocketed .

" The apartments are kept to then be used as investment instruments . Moreover , if the location is good and the secondary market of life , then these apartments can be leased back at a high price , " said Ferry , Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) ago .

Not surprisingly , the supply of apartments from 141,492 units in the first quarter 2014 , as many as 94 percent sold out . Meanwhile , for the apartments that are under construction and scheduled to be finished in 2017 , the market absorption rate has reached 70 percent of the total of 62 197 units .

Indications that reinforces the dominance of the tendency of investors is the increasing number of apartments purchased with cash payment scheme gradually . Other indications , according to Associate Director of Residential Sales at Colliers International Indonesia Aliviery Akbar , if the composition of the existing apartment occupancy rate is controlled by the tenant rather than the owner .

" It was very easy to track. Apartment as an investment instrument mostly located in southern , central , and southwest of Jakarta , among others, the apartments are located in Thamrin area , Pakubuwono , Pondok Indah , clover , Sudirman CBD , and Puri Indah , " added Aliviery .

One is Thamrin Residence . The apartment building is controlled by a religious leader . He then sold it to a religious community . Meanwhile , in the Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 , there are 21 units that have changed hands to investors .

Apartment Manager PT Prima Buana Internusa , Edwin O Gobel , sure , the composition of the occupancy rate between tenants and owner -balanced aka fifty-fifty . However, he underlined , that the apartment as an investment instrument common to the middle class segment .

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" This class apartments can be hired by individual investors for more than five units . Substantial numbers bought by corporate investors . They rent it out to expatriates , employees , and professionals , " said Edwin , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , the end user is the buyer profile married couples newly married young and had a new first occupancy . Edwin was also revealed , which now manages Bellezza apartment occupied by tenants as much as 40 percent , 39 percent owner , and left empty as much as 21 percent of a total of 780 units .


226 Thousand Twit Pictures Selfie Enliven the 2014 election

General Elections to the legislature on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) celebrated participate in social media , especially twitter and facebook . The democratic party is celebrated with great fanfare by the users of social media in a way that is typical .

Awesometrics , media monitoring agency monitoring the vibrant social media users when election by using special keywords either in the form hashtag or not . There are more than 226 thousand twit is partly derived from constituents who ” show off ” ( photo selfie ) have exercised their rights as citizens of Indonesia .

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Hundreds of thousands twit it mostly from 152.151 account the most active , and there are an estimated 164,536,561 twitter accounts are listening to this conversation .
200 thousand last tweet using keywords jariunguku , purple fingers , akunyoblos , nyoblos , groupselfiepemilu , selfieantigolput , Guenyoblos , SayaSudahMemilih , BDGmoalgolput , as a statement that he , or with friends and family has been cast on this day Pileg 2014 . Then , there are 1200’s of similar status in facebook .

Twit highest at midday , at 12.00 there are up to 33 thousands of conversations on twitter . As for the highest post in facebook occurred at 10:00 . ” Interestingly , Facebookers post at the many who have chosen to report Gerindra , ” wrote Awesometrics .


Now, Vine Also Have Features Direct Message

Vine , a short six- second video service owned Twitter now equipped with new features . This feature allows users to send direct messages , such as the microblogging site Twitter .

Thanks to the direct message feature , users can communicate instantly with friends using short videos and text messages to each other in a private channel . Not only individuals only, text and personal video message can be sent to multiple contacts ( multiple ) .

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Highlighting direct messaging , of course, user privacy is a major concern . Vine users will only be able to receive the message is hidden from the user that they follow . They will not receive a random message from someone else . Indeed , it is possible to send to multiple recipients , but the conversation remains a one - to-one . This means that even if sent to multiple people simultaneously , the message will be separated.

Vine messages can be sent via email or SMS . Interestingly , users can send private video Vine on Vine anyone on the network or contacts list , even if the recipient does not use the Vine . However, you should verify with Vine mobile number to send messages to users who are not your followers .

To reply to a video message , you just need to tap and hold the screen , tap and hold the screen , such as when recording a video . The good , the update is already available concurrent Vine for iOS and Android devices .


SBY was not counting at polling stations by the rules the Commission

There is something strange in the legislative election vote counting process ( Pileg ) 2014 polling stations ( TPS ) 06 , Nagrak village , Gunung Putri , Bogor Regency , West Java , on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

Imagine, counting in place of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) and his family , starting from ballot regency or city . Then , continue counting ballots DPD . While the counting of the final DPR .

"If based on the direction of technical guidance , counting depending on the situation ( in TPS ) , " said Chairman KPPS TPS 06 , AEP Nurbaeni dicecar reporters when the alleged error that the vote counting process , in TPS 06 , Nagrak village , Gunung Putri , Bogor Regency , Java west , on Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

In addition, he said , there is a voice mail box that goes to the House Legislative districts or cities or DPD . Furthermore, he said , it has been agreed with the calculation of the witnesses at the polling station . ” It’s coordination with the witness . We wants from the bottom first ( vote count ) , ” said AEP .

For your information , based on the Commission Regulation on the Amendment No. 5 PKPU No. 26 of 2013 concerning voting , counting of ballots sequentially or tiered .

Previously , the Commission had already been warned that personnel Ballot Group Organizer ( KPPS ) knows very well that the counting sequence .

As per the order , the counting should begin to members of the House of Representatives election ballots ( yellow) , and election ballots DPD ( red ) , the last general election ballot the provincial parliament ( blue ) , and District or City ( green ) .

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Meanwhile , up to now , at 17:08 pm , counting at polling stations has not been completed . The vote counting began at 14.00 pm .


Up In Flame, Dragon Ball Game Train Arriving in Windows Phone

Once released for the iOS platform a year ago , video games ` Up In Flame ’ is now venturing into the Windows Phone . Game stewardship of local developers from Bandung , this Agate can be accessed by users of Windows 8.1 OS .

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Players can play up in Flame for free by downloading it via the Windows Store . Up in Flame is a cute game contains green dragon character called BAFF , using a ball of fire to save his friends captured enemies .

Game genre physics - based Puzzler will bring players into 75 levels with a wide selection of costumes that can be worn Baff , the main character of this game .

Baff adventure will take players to a different world , namely mountains , beaches , and poles . When in the mountains , Baff will meet with the enemy in the form of Wolves , on the beach with the Sharks , and at the poles with the Yeti . In the game , BAFF does not always fight alone . No reinforcements were ready to help with a variety of firearms of different strengths .

Before present in the Windows Store , Up in Flame first present in the iTunes AppStore in February 2013 . When the Agate Studio cooperate with foreign publishers , namely Chillingo .

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Chillingo is a division of Electronic Arts , which has been to publish a variety of well-known games such as Angry Birds , Cut the Rope , Contre Jour , and Anomaly : Warzone Earth

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Penjebakan untuk makanan mengancam burung langka Asia

The Spoon -billed Sandpiper , salah satu burung yang paling terancam di dunia, dengan cepat menuju kepunahan karena burung muda menjadi sasaran untuk konsumsi manusia .

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Spoon -billed Sandpipers sarang hanya di ujung utara - timur dari Rusia . Pada tahun 2000 , sekitar 1.000 pasangan pemuliaan dikenal , tetapi pada tahun 2009 , jumlahnya turun drastis menjadi hanya 120-220 pasang , penurunan sebesar 88 % .

Selama waktu itu , kelangsungan hidup dewasa muncul tidak berubah dan keberhasilan penangkaran itu wajar , tapi perekrutan burung muda kembali ke populasi orang dewasa adalah nol dalam semua kecuali salah satu tahun dipelajari .

Sekarang tim ilmuwan internasional telah menemukan alasan yang jelas di balik penurunan dramatis dan mengapa burung muda sangat beresiko .

Pertama , tim harus menemukan di mana burung-burung menghabiskan musim dingin .

Dalam kedua tahun 2009 dan 2010 , tim terletak sekitar 200 Spoon -billed trinil - mayoritas penduduk dunia - musim dingin di Myanmar , sebagian besar dari mereka di Teluk Martaban di mana masyarakat setempat menargetkan mengarungi burung untuk makanan .

" Untuk spesies dengan populasi yang dikenal kecil , ada kemungkinan bahwa berburu di daerah musim dingin adalah penyebab utama dari penurunan spesies ," kata Christoph Zöckler dari ArcCona , Konsultasi berbasis di Cambridge dan anggota dari tim internasional .

Masalahnya diperparah karena burung muda dewasa lebih mungkin untuk ditangkap dan menghabiskan seluruh tahun pertama mereka dengan alasan musim dingin .

Selama musim hujan ( Mei - September) , ketika dewasa Spoon -billed Trinil berada jauh di tempat berkembang biak mereka , burung secara khusus ditargetkan oleh pemburu lokal karena ikan menjadi sulit .

" Sasaran yang tidak disengaja dari Spoon -billed muda Trinil selama musim panas menjelaskan kurangnya perekrutan burung baru ke dalam populasi peternakan , " kata Zöckler .

Untuk mencegah Spoon -billed kepunahan tindakan segera Sandpiper yang diperlukan , baik untuk menemukan cara untuk memberi orang lokal alternatif ekonomi untuk burung berburu dan membujuk pemburu untuk melepaskan trinil mereka menangkap .

" Tanpa tindakan tersebut , dunia akan kehilangan salah satu burung paling karismatik ," kata Zöckler .

Bekerja pada indikator menunjukkan bahwa persentase yang lebih tinggi dari burung yang digunakan untuk makanan dan obat-obatan terancam daripada mereka yang tidak klik grafik untuk memperbesar
TRAFFIC dan IUCN , dalam hubungannya dengan BirdLife International , telah mengembangkan indikator untuk memantau tren dalam status spesies yang digunakan untuk makanan dan obat-obatan dan telah menerbitkan factsheet pada pekerjaan ini ( PDF , 300 KB )

Mereka menunjukkan bahwa burung dan mamalia yang digunakan untuk tujuan ini umumnya lebih terancam dibandingkan mereka yang tidak .

Secara keseluruhan , 12 % dari semua spesies burung terancam punah , tetapi persentase 23% - dari yang digunakan untuk makanan dan obat-obatan yang lebih tinggi berada di bawah ancaman .

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Pekerjaan TRAFFIC pada indikator sedang dipamerkan minggu ini di Ecohealth 2010 Konferensi , konferensi dua tahunan dari Asosiasi Internasional untuk Ekologi dan Kesehatan ( IAEH ) saat ini sedang berlangsung di London , Inggris.

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6 Reasons why eating tomatoes can make it look younger

Tomatoes are super healthy fruit that is widely used as a cooking ingredient. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins are good for maintaining skin health, prevent cancer, and prevent diseases associated with age such as osteoporosis. (see also: pakan burung)

In addition, the following are the reasons that you should know why eating tomatoes regularly can make you look younger as reported from

Lycopene is found in tomatoes is a carotenoid compound. A study showed that these substances can protect the skin from sun damage.

Lycopene is also beneficial for improving skin health because lycopene is able to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin so that your skin remains elastic and avoid wrinkles.

The researchers found that the high content of lycopene in the blood of a person is able to keep them from chronic diseases.

Strong teeth and healthy gums can be owned by those who eat tomatoes because lycopene also has anti bacterial and anti fungal.
Lycopene may help heart health. Therefore do not hesitate to eat tomatoes regularly.

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Tomatoes can protect your body from the toxic effects, especially aflatoxin (a fungus that is found in peanuts) and cadmium (bacteria found in cigarette smoke and air pollution.
Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and goodness that are beneficial to health. So do not waste a tomato that is usually used as a decoration in your food!

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