Ahok: Half Jakarta Population Living in the Forbidden Zone

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja suspect , almost half the population of Jakarta is the people living in the forbidden areas , such as on the river bank , the banks of the reservoir , on the edge of the road inspection times , or under bridges .

Because of this , he believes policing in forbidden areas will significantly reduce the population of Jakarta . ” We believe that all the slum areas were removed , Jakarta will be reduced because the average population who live there ‘s that 80 percent of people from out of town , ” said the man who was familiarly called Ahok that , at the City Hall , Wednesday ( 28/5 / 2014 ) .

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He considered , the number of outsiders who flooded the city and occupied Jakarta slum areas is the impact of the many rental places to stay cheap .

Situation , further Ahok , then compounded with stakeholders too well in the past that provide a range of support facilities for the offenders .

" People who ngadu fate hire cheap places , the USD 5,000-10,000 per day . , Where he can be water , electricity can . Was the problem . Continues supplied with toilet . So , we always kind right . Rates slums , not No toilets , dibangunin . fact , the restricted areas , " he said .

Therefore , Ahok asserted that the city administration will soon begin regulating slum areas . Control , he said , will start at the edge of the road inspection time . Ahok sure demolition of slums will be able to reduce a variety of social issues in Jakarta , especially with regard to the two main problems , namely jams and flooding .

"If they go home it can ngurangin motors, this ngurangin it . If they come again , there will be no low- rent housing . Concept if you want to live a decent yes moved into the apartment , " he said .


Visa Gold Price Boost Luxury Homes

The Portuguese government policies impose visa scheme proved successful gold driving up prices of luxury homes as well as foreign investment in the property sector .

Luxury homes surged sharply during 2013 and which amounted to 54 percent to around 5,887 U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp 68 million per square meter . This figure is higher than the previous year .

The results of a survey conducted Confidencial Inmobiliario ( CI ) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors also revealed foreign investment in the property sector rose terkerek participate .

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Lisbon Baixa and Parque das Nacoes is an example of the concentration area of luxury home transactions . The average price of luxury homes in both areas is 8227 U.S. dollars (USD 95 million ) and 9323 U.S. dollars (USD 107.7 million ) per square meter . In fact , in the Parque das Nacoes , price spikes occur by 78 percent in 2013 .
Director Confidencial Inmobiliario , Ricardo Guimaraes , say , an increase in price occurs very quickly , especially for luxury homes . ” This is good news for the market , seklaigus can create positive expectations for those who have long been in the property sector and for prospective buyers , ” said Guimaraes .

Portugal is one of the few European countries which introduced the scheme of gold visa or residence permit granted to foreign property investors in return for buying a property with a minimum value of 670,000 U.S. dollars (USD 7.7 billion ) .

The scheme was launched in Portugal in August 2012 . More than 330 visas have been issued within one year of the visa scheme is launched with a transaction value of gold properties terbukukan 225 million euros ( USD 3.5 trillion ) . While in the first three weeks of January 2014 , Portugal giving a total of 49 gold visa and received an investment of 27 million euros ( USD 425.2 billion ) .

Investors , especially from China , Russia , Brazil , Angola , South Africa , and India to apply for a visa to China as the most gold greatest leaders .

In addition to Portugal , another country which implements fast-track visas are Spain , Greece Hungary , and Cyprus . Minimum investment to be invested by the applicant amounted to Rp 7.7 billion in Spanyok , and USD 3.5 billion in Cyprus .


Person municipal police Cabuli Boy 4 Years

Khaeri ( 56 ) members of municipal police officers PNS Warureja subdistrict , Tegal regency , is alleged to have molested little girls as young as 4 years , DSF .

According to the victim’s mother Partini ( 35 ) actors depraved acts performed on Monday, May 19, 2014 around 16:00 pm .

At that time the victim was buying snacks at home actors are invited to get into the house . When inside the house that the victim was sexually abused . ” My son opened pants then dijiati genitals , ” said Partini .

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From the results of the examination in hospital Dr M Ashari , all district , genital irritation victim allegedly suffered as a result of blunt object .

When bathed early childhood students were also often complain of sore on the genitals . ” Condition of the penis looks red - red , ” said Partini .

Partini pleaded not receive the deed and intention of the perpetrator to the police .

However, a police report will be made ​​after her husband , Edy Mulyono ( 40 ) home from Jakarta . Edy who worked as a driver in Jakarta had been told about what happened to the DS and was on his way home .

" Our parents do not thank ya . Which new intercepted once , but it is not likely been more than once , " he added .

Partini added , after deeds uncovered , the village head and village head came to his house on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 evening .

To both the village , the perpetrators confess and ask amicably resolved . ” The perpetrator asked for peace but the family did not want . Peaceful how , ” he said .

Head Sukalila Hamlet , Village Sukareja , confirmed the actor admits perbuataanya believer when visited at his home to be clarified . ” The perpetrator admitted , he said the victim kissed , licked , and spat upon , ” he said .

Believers also justify , if only different actors RW residence with the victim’s parents were members of municipal police in Tegal regency environmental and civil servants .

"Yeah , he’s municipal police members , their duties at the district office ( Warureja ) , " he explained .
Parties village , further believer , already reuniting families of victims and perpetrators and drove the victim to a hospital check .

Parties to fully submit to the family village happenings offender follow-up actions . “The family wants the victim reported to police or how it was right , ” he said .


1468 Alumnus Unpatti yet to diploma

A total of 1,468 graduates Pattimura University alumnus Ambon , Maluku , has not received graduation diplomas since April 2. As a result , the difficulty graduates applying for jobs or continue their studies to a higher level .

Until now , the rector also not provide certainty . Josefien , graduates majoring in Accounting , Faculty of Economics at the Ambon , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) , said he has not been able to register as a student at one of pascaserjana major universities in Yogyakarta .

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The certificate given pass unrecognized Pattimura University campus where he signed up . ” Graduation has been almost two months but no diploma . We were very disappointed with the service on campus which is very detrimental to us . Could not go to college and can not apply for work in a variety of places that fit our expertise in some of the banks , ” he said .

He hoped that the rector as quickly as possible to settle the provision diploma until now there is no certainty . If this continues to drag on , the more difficult it all graduates absorbed in the world of work .

In response, the Head of Representative Office Ombudsaman Maluku , Elijah Radianto assess the conditions experienced by the alumni Unpatti it is the impact of poor management in the public universities spread across the Moluccas .

" As a result of poor management , the public service is interrupted . Our team has conducted an investigation and found many irregularities related to the process . Was not just a diploma that is not available , it is the gift certificate to pass on a number of graduates also seem complicated . There is what exactly ? " Elijah said .

Ombudsman plans to call the Rector Unpatti Thomas Pentury to ask for an explanation regarding the diploma keterlambantan procurement . The invitation will be made ​​in the near future .

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Unpatti Uluputi Rido said , keterlambantan procurement diplomas due to format changes . ” We do not have the specific intent to withhold diploma graduates , ” he explained .

Nevertheless, he was not sure , when the graduates receive their diplomas . When compared to previous years , the longest two weeks after graduation , the graduates have obtained a diploma .


Ical choice to anchor Gerindra ?

Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie ( Ical ) is rumored to be anchoring his choice to form a coalition with Gerindra . If true , the party bearing the banyan tree Prabowo will add strength to contest the 2014 presidential election exchanges .

Deputy Secretary -General ( Wasekjen ) Golkar Party , Tantowi Yahya , said it did not know the certainty of Ical will decide whether a coalition with Gerindra or PDI ( PDI-P ) .

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" We do not know for sure . However , clear Ical will declare its support to one of the shaft today , " said Tantowi the Okezone , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

The same thing also expressed , Wasekjen other Golkar , Nurul Arifin . He was actually surprised , there Ical information on the event will support the presidential Prabowo July 9.

" I just do not know and learned from you . However , based on the results of Rapimnas everything handed to Chairman ( Ical ) . Wait, " said Nurul .

Meanwhile , DPP Chairman of Golkar Party , Aziz Shamsuddin , said there has been no official confirmation of a plan of support for Prabowo Ical .

" Currently there is no official information about the coalition to all members and administrators Golkar . ‘s All still in the hands of the Chairman , " said Aziz .

Decision Rapimnas Golkar Party , on Sunday, May 18, 2014 , yesterday , has decided three options . First coalesced into PDI , both coalition with Gerindra , and the third forming a new shaft with the Democratic Party .

Golkar also carries Rapimnas Ical as presidential or vice presidential candidate in the 2014 presidential election . He was given a full mandate to conduct political communication and choosing coalition partners . 


Meet at the Market, Jokowi and Bakrie Also not sure about the Coalition

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie met with the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , in Gembrong Market , Johar Baru , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) . Both did not confirm whether the meeting is a sign that both parties have established a coalition headed the Presidential Election 2014.

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Jokowi said , deliberately meeting in the market because the market is a symbol of social economy. However , Jokowi did not mention about the certainty of a coalition between the PDI-P and Golkar .

The same is conveyed by the Bakrie . According to him , this is a meeting with Jokowi continued exploration of both coalition parties plan . ” This advanced assessment for the coalition . Later , I will talk with the Chairman of the PDI- P , ” he said .

By the end of the press conference , both are not sure coalitions . Jokowi only give a hint that this meeting is a collaboration between the two parties . ” This has been met in one place , time still ask , ” said Jokowi .

Prior to this meeting , Bakrie and Jokowi never met in the office of the DPP Golkar Party , April 2014 . Currently , the Bakrie stated that both parties will be competing in the 2014 Presidential Election and Bakrie will keep moving forward as a presidential candidate from Golkar Party .


Pro- Russian Ukrainian Attack Police Station

Unrest in the port city of Odessa , Ukraine , apparently long tails . Police in the region were attacked by the pro - Russian .

As a result of this attack , the Ukrainian police were forced to release 67 prisoners riot -related action that occurred on Friday, May 2, 2014 , local time .

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From the testimony of eye witnesses , police raided Odessa approximately 1,300 Pro - Russian masses . In this attack , the destruction also occurred gate and windows of the police station .

Reporting from Express , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) , Prime Minister ( PM ) Ukraine Arseny Yatseniuk spoke about the current situation in Ukraine . He believes , events in Odessa is engineered worsen the situation in the Kremlin for the sake of his country .

Riots in Odessa called , became one of the most bloody riots that occurred in the Soviet Union when Smithers Interior is experiencing a crisis . Due to unrest among the pro - Russian and support groups Kiev , dozens of lives have to be a victim .


Saudi King Open Communication with Citizens Through the Internet

Residents of Saudi Arabia can now send messages directly to King Abdullah through the internet site named Tawasol , which means of communication . The site was established based on the instruction king who wants to hear complaints , ideas and suggestions of the people directly .

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The statements in these sites among others said , “Everyone should give information to the king about the lack of services provided government agencies . “

All incoming messages will be forwarded to the king , such as the Saudi Gazette reported internet sites .

Saudi Arabia in a relationship that is not easy with the internet .

On one side of this kingdom established itself as the ’ internet community ’ with millions of citizens use the Internet in their daily tasks but admits sift through thousands of foreign websites , which they damage morale .

The opening lines of communication with people via the Internet is king welcomed by Saaty Abdelelah Akadami Business in the city of Rabigh .

" This strategic move by the kingdom became an important point in the history of the kingdom . New site will contribute so that the voice of the country reached the top leadership , " he told Arab News website .

Saaty added this effort as part of a political and social reforms taken by King Abdullah .


Vigilant Merapi , 3 Barracks Evacuation Prepared

A total of three barracks prepared Disaster Management Agency (BPBD ) Klaten , Central Java after the alert status of Mount Merapi, which has been set Bala Investigation and Technology Development Geology Disaster ( BPPTKG ) .

Head of Prevention and Preparedness BPBDs Klaten Joko explained Rukminto three barracks will then be distributed to the three refugee camps have also been prepared meampung pengungsia when the big eruption of Mount Merapi occurred .

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All three locations are spread in the village of Menden , District Kebonarum , Kebondalem Lor village , Prambanan sub-district and village Demak Ijo , District Karangnongko .

" The three shelters are ready to use and can accommodate the refugees , although with limited support equipment , " said Joko Rukminto told reporters , in Klaten , Central Java , on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) night .

According to Joko , along with the rise in the status of Mount Merapi , it immediately make corrections in a location that will be a place of refuge residents .

This is done so that later Pembenahaan used when the refugees will not be a problem . Especially the toilets .

" The primary need is a shower in the barracks wash toilet ( MCK ) , MCK addition , the needs in the barracks are now beginning to be prepared are mats and sleeping mats , " said Joko .

Meanwhile, from Mount Merapi observation post in Balarante , Kemalang , Klaten , Central Java , Merapi activity observed a rise and fall . On this day , avalanches were recorded seven times . Multiphase once. Tectonic earthquake was also recorded at one time and low frequency recorded twice .

According to one officer at Mount Merapi Monitoring Post Balarante , Jainu as confirmed by telephone said , indicating the position is still active in the activity of Mount Merapi .

Although these activities are not as tight as the current alert status is set , however , the mountain continues to move . Proven within a radius of eight kilometers though , people still hear the thump of the Mount Merapi .

"If there is no activity , it may not sound the sound boom . ‘s Voice booms from the bowels of Mount Merapi, this indicates that there is activity in the Mount Merapi , " he concluded .


Car Bombs Shake Capital of Nigeria

Nigeria shrouded in terror . The blast came from a car bomb allegedly occurred in the capital city of Nigeria , Abuja .

In this explosion , at least 15 people dead Abuja become . Not only swallow the dead , the blast occurred a week before the holding of a meeting between the leaders and business people in Afirka scheduled to take place in Abuja .

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Worse yet , this tragic event occurred again on the outskirts of Abuja , Nyanya . The region on 14 April , hit by a car bomb that killed 75 people .

According to witnesses on the scene with a huge explosion occurred . In fact , shortly after the explosion, the flames appeared in the area where the explosion .

" It was a big explosion and there was a ball afterwards , " said one eyewitness Lateef Adebayo , as quoted by Reuters on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

In addition to 15 deaths in Nyanya blast also wounded casualties . At least from the description Authority of Nigeria there are 11 people who are still in critical condition .

Until now there has been no claim of responsibility for the blast on the outskirts of Abuja on . However , a strong presumption leads to the extremist group Boko Haram which is a bomber Nyanya bus station in April.